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A Little Fluffy Furball Spends The Day 'Helping' Her Foster Mom At Work


Little Joey got to spend a day in the graphic design world at her foster mom's office and she was the purrrfect employee!

Sweet baby Joey the calico is a rescue kitten from a foster shelter who needs to be bottle fed around-the-clock. Her foster mom couldn't very well leave her alone at home, so she asked her boss if the little one could come in to work.

Well, who could possibly say no to this face?! Obviously the the tiny ball of fur won over her foster mom's boss and the entire company within seconds of her arrival.

Just look at those little paws and that pointy little tail!

Reddit user, sa3belle, told LoveMeow that she decided to bring the little bundle of joy in to ensure that she would be well fed. It was obviously a bonus that the little kitten would be keeping her company while she worked away!

"We hear little squeaky mews every four hours when she has to be bottle-fed," the good foster mama said. "Most of the day she sleeps. Things will probably change once she's older and needs to use a litter box."

She's such a good little kitten, who's clearly curious about coffee!

"We take turns having her on our desk. It's a nice break from stressful deadlines," she told Love Meow.

Thanks to little Joey, all the other employees look forward to coming into work and spending time with their furry feline assistant!

After a long day at the office, baby Joey stretches out for a snuggle and a nap in the safety of her foster mom's arms. Good job, Joey!

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[h/t LoveMeow]