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Blast From The Past: Vintage McDonald's Menu Reveals How Much Has Changed Since Our Childhoods

Do you often catch yourself thinking "everything is so expensive these days!" Do your children get tired of being told how cheap things were when you were their age? Well, you're not wrong.

Prices for everything from food to gas and even clothes have skyrocketed since we were kids, but it's really noticeable when you compare the price of something we're all familiar with.

Take McDonald's for example. Prices are a little different in every state, but these days you would be lucky to get a Big Mac meal - the burger, fries and a drink - for less than $6. So it's pretty shocking to see that in the 1970s the same meal would only cost $1.06!

This board almost seems like a joke, but it's a real relic from the early 1970s, showing how much of a bargain eating at McDonald's once was.

Before they started introducing modern, weird menu items, the company's famous shakes were just 35 cents each, with ice cream for just 20 cents and coffeee for 15.

In fact, the most expensive item on the menu is the quarter pounder with cheese, which is still only 70 cents.

Now, when you remember that the average income during this decade was less than $9,000, the prices make more sense. But we wish we could visit a location that still used these prices!

You might have noticed some of your favorite items are missing from the menu.

The classic chicken McNuggets weren't introduced until 1983, and even the famous Happy Meal (and the great Happy Meal toys) hadn't been invented yet.

In fact, McDonald's locations didn't even have drive-troughs before 1975, so you had to park and order at the counter.

Do you remember visiting McDonald's when the prices were this low?