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A Mother Is Praising These Doctors After They Went Above and Beyond For Her Son

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Dean Heber has spent his life going in and out of hospitals. He's 23 and was born with developmental delays that have severely impacted his health. He also suffers from epilepsy and cerebral palsy. These conditions mean that he's a regular visitor the hospitals in and around Winnipeg, Canada.

Being a "regular" at a hospital is not something anyone should want. It means you've been a frequent enough face for staff, who see thousands of new people every week, to recognize you, and get to know you. Heber and his mother Michelle, make the most of it, and staff at Concordia hospital did something so special for Dean, that for once she and her son were happy to be there.


Over the past few years Heber has been fighting recurring pneumonia resulting in sometimes month-long hospital stays. Normally they go to the Health Services Centre closer to their home, but when he took ill earlier this year, they were sent to Concordia hospital.

The change of scenery initially upset Dean, but it didn't take long for him to charm the nurses and doctors.

"The staff there have fallen in love with my son," Michelle gushed.

Bedside manner is important to any doctor, but the ones at Concordia weren't going to stop at a few bad jokes and compliments. They noticed something about Dean's stuffed animal and hatched a plan.

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