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Homeless Patients Were Leaving The Hospital With No Clothes, Until This Nurse Stepped Up


A nurse from Miami is taking it into his own hands to ensure homeless patients are leaving the hospital with what they need.

Oliver Castellanos has been a nurse at Jackson Memorial Hospital, in Miami for almost 30 years.

He began to notice that whenever homeless patients were discharged from the hospital, they were left without the bare necessities they needed.

He said that he would often see homeless patients leaving the hospital with nothing but the paper gowns they were given while being treated.

That's when Castellanos decided he wanted to make a difference. He started collecting clothes and shoes to keep at the hospital. He decided these would be the most beneficial items for the homeless patients.

He created a closet in the hospital, and whenever a homeless patient was being discharged, they would be given the appropriate clothing and shoes to leave in.

It began with a very small pile of clothes but once word got out, it began to grow very quickly.

Once word spread about his project, he began to receive clothing donations from his co-workers, as well as, people from his church, City Church.

This is how far he has come since the beginning:

What started as a few items of clothing has grown to a full closet in the discharge lounge area of Jackson Memorial Hospital. The closet is full of different sizes of clothing, shoes and accessories.

"My mission resonates with others," he said to CNN. "People contribute because it means they have a hand in bettering the community. They feel like they are doing something tangible to help others."

Castellanos said he first realized how much of a difference the closet was making when a man emotionally thanked him for a pair of shoes he received.

Oliver Castellanos went out of his way to help those in need. When he first noticed this problem, he could have easily ignored it and moved on, but he didn't. He went above and beyond his required duties to make a difference.

"We are all human beings, all brothers and sisters," he said. "We have to help each other out."