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A Perfect 2 Part Gift Combined into 1

Look no further! We have the perfect homemade gift to give to your neighbors, teachers, friends, or anyone you desire. These snow globe mason jar gifts are filled with creamy, decadent hot chocolate to enjoy on a cold winter's day, and a beautiful christmas filled snow globe to admire on top.


  • mason jar
  • plastic ball ornaments
  • E6000 glue
  • hot chocolate
  • marshmallows
  • cotton balls
  • mini christmas decorations
  • ribbon


1. Begin by taking the lid and rim off of the mason jar, and separating the plastic ball ornament.

2. Using E6000 glue, create a rim of glue on top of the rim, and place half the plastic ornament ball on top to set. Set aside.

3. On the tin lid of the mason jar, add some glue and place stretched out cotton balls on top to resemble snow.

4. Glue other mini Christmas ornaments on top of the "snow" to create a mini snow globe effect.

5. Next, add the hot chocolate and marshmallows into the base of the mason jar.

6. Secure the lid of the mason jar back on the base, and finish with tying a ribbon around the rim.

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