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A Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Pup!

We all love that moment of jumping into our beds after a long day, snuggling up with the blankets, and reaching a point of complete serenity...so wouldn't you like to be able to offer that to your four legged friend as well? Now you can!

Here is the guide to the easiest, simplest, NO SEW puppy bed! That's right - no sew! Just pick out your favorite material, some soft fluffy batting, and there you have it. Get started now....your pup will thank you for it.


  • scissors
  • material
  • batting


1. Begin by cutting your fabric a bit bigger than the size you would like, and ensure to cut two pieces of fabric then lay on top of one another.

2. Measure in 4 inches from each side and create a line using a fabric pen.

3. Cut slits every inch across the fabric up to your line. (You will end up cutting out the corners - that's okay).

4. Starting at one corner, tie the two side together strip by strip working your way around the sides. Use a double knot to make sure it doesn't come undone.

5. Stuff the last opening with batting, and then finish tieing the last few strands.