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A rancher noticed her herd was acting strangely, she never would have guessed what they were staring at

A rancher in Saskatchewan, Canada couldn't figure out why all her cattle were crowding around. Cows aren't known for their curiosity, but here her entire herd were, starting at something on the ground.

If you asked her at that point what she thought it was, chances are a beaver would have been her very last guess.

"I think they were following this thing around because they couldn't figure out what the heck it was," said Adrienne Ivey.


The beaver apparently went wandering looking for a suitable place to build a lodge. It's clear that the cows were intrigued, but one wonders what the heck the beaver was thinking, surrounded by 150 cows.

While the cows might have been curious, you can't exactly call them brave. No cow got closer than 3 feet to the beaver and you can see them shy away whenever the beaver makes an unexpected move.

The beaver eventually made its way off the farmland and the cows returned to their business of grazing and staring blankly at things.

Call it much a-moo about nothing.

Watch the video for yourself:

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