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A Real Life Nightmare Happened When A Rabid Bat Was Found In An Elementary School

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Bats are actually quite a bit less dangerous than a lot of people think they are, thanks to a long history of misconceptions, superstitions, and just flat-out wrong information.

Look how cute this one is!The Nature Conservancy

For starters, the grand majority of bats don't suck blood (and the ones that do are native to South America). In fact there's quite a few species of bat that are vegetarians! These ones feed off of fruit and nectar.

The Nature Conservancy

Even the ones that are carnivorous tend to mostly eat insects, and they actually do a great job of keeping the populations of insects like mosquitoes to a minimum! Just like spiders, they may be a little scary, but they do a lot of good!

The Nature Conservancy

However, one thing about bats that is a legitimate danger to humans is the fact that they can carry rabies, which if threatened, they can transfer to humans through a scratch or a bite. While you shouldn't be scared of bats, you should still keep your distance from wild ones.

The Nature Conservancy

So of course, when a bat gets found somewhere like an elementary school, there's instantly some concern about people's safety.

Keep reading to find out about this potentially dangerous situation...

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