A Split-Second Changed The Life Of This Poor Bread Seller Forever

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TY Bello

It seems like a fairy tale, a dream come true that could only be explained by perfect timing.

You often hear about destiny taking the reigns of a single, person's life and whisking them along into a life that is completely foreign to the one they were living mere moments before. This is exactly what happened to Olajumoke (Jumoke) Orisaguna, a humble bread seller living in Lagos, Nigeria.

The 28-year-old mother of two had moved to Lagos with one of her children to better provide for her family. Before selling bread in the streets of Lagos, she had trained as a hairdresser. She met her husband, Sunday Orisaguna and married in 2010.

One day, she was walking through the streets, selling her wares. Little did she know, the flash of renowned photographer, Ty Bello's camera changed Jumoke's fortunes forever...

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