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A Stranger's Kindness Brings Bridal Shop To Dying Mother's Bedside

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It has been a longtime childhood dream of Lexi Verge that she and her mother, Wendy Verge, would one day go wedding dress shopping together.

The 19-year-old was certain that this special day wouldn't come for many years, but devastating news about her mother's health caused the teen to rethink the time frame of her dreams. One year ago, Wendy was diagnosed with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Not wanting to miss the time with her mother, the teen took a year off from university to be by her side. After 13 excruciating rounds of aggressive chemotherapy, the young woman's mother decided that she couldn't fight any longer.

She discontinued treatment and her health continued to deteriorate. Doctors confessed that they weren't certain how much time Lexi had left with her mother - it might be weeks, or, if they were lucky, months.

Even though she wasn't engaged, Lexi knew that this could be the last chance she and her mother would have to go wedding dress shopping together so she hatched a plan...

Turn the page to see how a stranger helped to make their dream come true...

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