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A Turkey Got This Grandpa Fired From Walmart

Before a strange incident involving a rogue turkey, Bob Tallinger was employed as a greeter at a Walmart in Wisconsin.

The 88-year-old man worked at the store for eight years with an excellent track record, but an odd incident that took place back in March led to his surprising dismissal.

On March 27th a wild turkey wandered into the store while Bob was on duty working the doors.

"It starts and it goes back around and then it walks out," Bob explained.

The big bird quickly lost interest and left the store. Humane Animal Welfare Society were called to rescue the bird after it made it out Walmart.

Bob didn't think it was necessary to share the news of his encounter with the bird with his manager, so he carried on with his duties as usual. Well, he thought wrong.

In the days that followed, the senior was handed a notice of termination of employment. He was fired because he failed to report the incident to his manager.

Bob, who considered the job as the highlight of his day, was taken aback by Walmart's decision and but there isn't much he can do about it at the moment.

His wife, Janet, told WISN that Walmart didn't handle the situation fairly especially considering that there are no protocols in place that outline how employees should act in this type of situation.

"He was hired to be a greeter and that's what he did. He never saw a book of rules that said if a wild turkey comes in here you better run and get management," Janet said. "Granted he's gotten older and granted he's lost a little memory but nevertheless that hasn't prevented him from being an excellent greeter," she added.

A Walmart spokesperson issued a brief statement about their controversial decision: "We appreciate the public's concern and take this situation seriously. While we will not comment on HR matters, we can confirm Mr. Tallinger is no longer with the company."

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