This Scorpion Was Lurking In A Woman's Holiday Souvenir

Natasha Collins, a corporate paralegal from Liverpool, England, thought her week-long vacation in Bali had gone perfectly when she arrived back home.

She had enjoyed a relaxing trip with her boyfriend, taking in some of the island's scenic beaches and rain forests. She even managed to find the perfect souvenir so she would always remember their visit: a beautiful glass bowl with a carved wooden base.

But when Natasha took the bowl out of her luggage to show her roommates, she found that something disgusting had stowed away on her return flight.

Natasha Collins

At first Natasha thought it was a leaf, but then it started to move.

One of her roommates quickly realized just what this creepy crawly was: a 2 inch long scorpion.

Somehow, this 8-legged monster survived for 7 days in Natasha's luggage, traveling more than 8,000 miles from home to give her a nasty surprise back in Liverpool.

The Liverpool Echo reports there's no telling if the bug is poisonous, but the girls trapped it under a glass and called animal control just to be safe.

Natasha Collins

Natasha's souvenir looks like the perfectly ordinary kind of thing many tourists buy, so there's no telling if the scorpion stowed away in it for any special reason.

It probably just thought the bowl would make a nice new home, and didn't count on being flown halfway around the world.

Be sure to shake out your luggage when you get home to avoid a nasty surprise like this!

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