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A Woman's Assailant Was Caught Because These Stray Dogs Chased Them Down

Locals are calling these two stray dogs heroes after they were able to help catch a man after he allegedly stabbed a woman in Chennai.

While the cops are more skeptical, the people who witnessed the event believe that these dogs are the reason the police could catch this man.

Suchismitha was heading to work one day when a former colleague named Raghunath came up to her and stabbed her in the stomach. A man named Ramu who witnessed the incident says that "the man stabbed the woman and when two of us tried to stop him, he threatened us."

The witnesses backed off, but Ramu explains that the "two stray dogs started chasing him because of which the public caught him and handed him over to the police."

Another witness said that "He [Raghunath] was on a bike and threatened us with the knife. Somone called the two dogs, they came rushing and tried to bite him. He lost his balance and fell off from the bike."

Ramu then brought the woman to the hospital. A lot of this can be seen on CCTV cameras. You can see her leaving the hostel and then running back holding her stomach. You can even see the two dogs chasing after the car once she pulls off to head to the hospital.

Even though these dogs live on the streets, it doesn't mean that they want anything bad to happen to the people of their community. It is quite incredible to think that a dog who has no personal connection to someone can still fiercely protect them.

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