7 Surprising AAA Discounts That You're Missing Out On

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7 Surprising AAA Discounts That You're Missing Out On

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Most people get an AAA membership when they learn how to drive, and then tuck their membership card away for a rainy day.

Unless their car breaks down, they'll probably never use their AAA membership, and that's a shame.

What really makes the card so useful are the discounts it gives you. You would probably be saving a lot of money if you knew them all.

Bear in mind, every AAA auto club region is different, so visit their website to learn which of these discounts applies to you.

1. Electronics


Dell and HP both offer special discounts to AAA members through their websites.

You probably recognize those brand names for the great computers, printers, and TVs they make. You can even get discounts on a built-in DirecTV package with your new TV.

Plus, you get free shipping and a better return policy from the sites if you're a member.

But here's the best deal of all: save 15% on expensive printer ink refills.

2. Clothes

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That's right, you can hit the road in style with discounts on popular brands.

Ask about savings and discounts with your AAA card at Kohls, New York and Company, Adidas Outlet, New Balance, Reebok Outlet, and Payless Shoes.

3. Entertainment


Depending on your AAA club you can either buy discounted movie tickets from the club or save by showing your membership card at AMC.

Your local baseball, hockey, football, and basketball teams also offer discounted seats for AAA members in certain sections.

Certain casinos - including any in the MGM Resorts chain - even offer discounts and free slot machine plays for AAA members.

4. Health

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This is a little-known benefit, but it's one of the handiest AAA perks by far.

The club offers a special prescription savings card that you can print out online or order by mail.

Your card covers about 15% of brand name drugs and 35% of generics, according to AAA.

You can save up to 75% on medicine for your entire family, including on drugs for your pet.

The card works at more than 60,000 pharmacies nationwide, including CVS, Walgreens and Rite-Aid.

Bear in mind, the card is not health insurance and does not combine with any savings from your insurance plan.

Your basic membership card also qualifies you for 30% off eye exams at Lenscrafters, Pearle Vision, Sears and Target Optical.

5. Home

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Plenty of the services you depend on at home are cheaper with AAA.

ADT Home Security, Sprint cell phone plans, DirecTV Satellite TV, and EarthLink Internet all qualify for discounts.

And here's a way to keep your home looking lovely year-round for cheap:

1-800-Flowers gives AAA members $20 off purchases over $80 (and it's very easy to go over $80).

6. Travel


Of course AAA can make a customized map for your next road trip, but they have other ways of saving you money on your next vacation.

For starters: you can get 15% off your stay at a Mariott hotel from Thursday to Sunday.

These hotel chains also offer discounts for AAA members:

Hilton, Fairfield, Best Western, Sheraton, Hyatt, Hampton Inn, DoubleTree.

While you're on the road, you can get cheap theme park tickets to your family. SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, Six Flags, Universal Studios and Disney parks all offer discounts.

Don't forget you can save on flights, airport parking, rental cars, and even train tickets too.

And you qualify for even more savings if you use a AAA travel agent.

7. Food

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Which restaurant chains offer AAA discounts will depend on your club area, but national chains like McDonald's, Denny's, and Hard Rock Cafe offer savings to members.

Papa John's Pizza will give members 25% off regular menu items when you use the promo code AAA for online orders.

And don't forget to look for the AAA sign in small, local eateries too. A surprising number of local favorites offer deals and discounts.

Did you know about all these great discounts?

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