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Man Transforms 250-Million-Year-Old Abandoned Cave Into A Gorgeous Home

Most men dream of turning their basements into a mancave where they can escape to and drink beer while watching TV or playing video games when life's responsibilities prove to be too much.

For Anglo Mastropietro, he made this dream come true, but instead of renovating his basement, he turned a 250-million-year-old cave into a modern home that he now calls his own.

The Australian businessman and father-of-two fell in love with the abandoned cave back in 1999 when he sought refuge in it one rainy day. At the time, Mastropietro did not think he would ever live within its walls.

Jon Dean/Barcroft Media

About a decade later, Mastropietro was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) that rendered him temporarily paralyzed. This was the wake up call he needed to change his lifestyle and priorities. As a result, he left behind his successful business and decided to buy the cave.

"MS was triggered by health and lifestyle and that was the catalyst I needed to remind me that I needed to be mindful of my health and be respectful of my lifestyle," Mastropietro told Daily Mail. "I wanted to be in a place where I had a happier and healthier life."

Barcroft Media

Matropietro purchased the cave for $80,000 and spent around $130,000 on renovations and furnishings. In the end he managed to turn the rocky structure into a abode that rivals many city homes.

Are you ready to see what it looks like on the inside?

Matropietro did not need any planning permits from the city, so he used his creativity and imagination to build his dream home.

As much as he wanted the house to be calm and peaceful, Mastropietro still needed some aspects of modern life, like electricity and water, which he eventually incorporated into the house.

"I want to celebrate that it is a cave dwellings, but I want to add modern day luxuries," he said. "It definitely has a modern feel but hopefully retains some cave charm."

Channel 4/Grand Designs

The finished home now has multiple rooms, including a living room, a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, large glass doors, oak-framed windows, and a terrace.

Jon Dean/Bancroft Media
Jon Dean/Bancroft Media

It took Mastropietro approximately 1,000 hours of digging, breaking rocks and cutting before the project was completed. Now, the 38-year-old can enjoy modern luxuries like wi-fi, heated floors, and a rainfall shower, while dwelling in forest.

Jon Dean/Bancroft Media
Jon Dean/Bancroft Media

Mastropietro's impressive cave home was recently featured on Channel 4's Grand Designs, and it has since been getting a lot of attention.

"I love a challenge," he told the network. "Coincidentally my surname actually means Master of the Stones, so you know maybe it's in my blood. The rock house came along and without a shadow of a doubt I was as passionate about that as I was about setting up my company."

He added, "I think when you're actually here and you see it in person, you get a feel for the place. You know people have literally been in tears. So I feel incredibly happy."

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