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Abandoned, Hairless Puppies Were 'On Fire' When Rescuers Found Them

When six puppies were discovered in an abandoned house in Detroit, Michigan, they were burning up with a high fever.

Their tiny bodies were covered in painful sores and their fur had nearly all fallen out.

Rescuers determined that they were suffering with a severe case of mange that had swollen their lymph nodes, was causing their skin to peel off and their eyes to swell shut.

Animal control was full, so they contacted Kristina Rinaldi, director of Detroit Dog Rescue (DDR). A team from DDR brought the terrified pups to the vet, sadly, two puppies passed away in their arms before they even made it to the clinic.

According to her interview with The Dodo, Rinaldi says the vet didn't have high hopes for the remaining puppies. "The veterinarian said, 'we're working against the impossible,'" Rinaldi said.

The four living puppies were named Wilbur, Petunia, Pinkie and Arthur. They stayed in medical boarding for 12 weeks and received cuddles and visits every day.

Finally, they were strong enough to be moved to foster care. Although they still needed around-the-clock care and continued treatment for mange, their health showed signs of improving.

Since the mites causing their mange are also the source of their itchy scabies, the team dressed the distressed puppers in baby onesies. The little jumpers protected their tender skin for about four months until their fur began to grow in.

Pretty soon their beautiful coats grew in and they were feeling so much better!

And they begain to put on weight! Soon, they were adopted into loving families!

DDR volunteer, Beth English Adopted Wilbur:

It's pretty obvious that he loves his new 'parents' and he's just the sweetest with his new dog brother, Winston!

Now that Wilbur, Petunia, Pinkie and Arthur have found their forever homes, check out Detroit Dog Rescue to meet others just like them who need a furever home!

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[h/t The Dodo]

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