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Abandoned Newborn Puppies Were So Young They Hadn't Even Opened Their Eyes

When the good people at Vet Ranch received a phone call from a local animal shelter about three sickly puppies, they couldn't turn them away.

The three mixed breed pups were only a few days old and in need of 24/7 care. The vets believe that the owner of the mother dog dropped the pups off simply because they didn't want to care for them.

The three little ones were hungry, covered in fleas and pretty much blind! They had to be fed every two or three hours, and stimulated to go to the bathroom. Since most rescue centers don't have the means to care for these puppies, they surely would have been euthanized.

These three lucky siblings (two girls and one boy) were later named Willow, River and Meadow. Watch this adorable video of them growing up below!

Learn more about the good work being done at Vet Ranch by visiting their website here and on Facebook here.