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Abby Lee Miller Reveals She's Struggling Behind Bars


With months left to go in her prison sentence, Dance Moms coach Abby Lee Miller reveals she's seriously struggling to cope behind bars.

The reality TV star pleaded guilty to concealing her assets during bankruptcy and not reporting an international monetary transaction last year. Authorities allege that the TV star hid as much as $775,000 of her money from appearing on Dance Moms, but Miller says her only mistake was "trusting other people with my money."

Miller, photographed outside her court case.Inquisitr

In any case, the TV star was facing a year and a day behind bars in California's Victorville prison last July, and revealed to The View's Jedediah Bila that she was "crying her eyes out" about the sentence.

Miller was stressing out about everything from losing access to her swimming pool, to being kept away from her wardrobe for a year. "I don't know if they're going to have a bra that fits me," she said.

Miller also worried that she wouldn't be able to keep up with her strict vegan diet behind bars. With the help of a gastric sleeve surgery and her diet, the dance coach had shed more than 30 pounds before going to prison.

"I don't think there's a salad bar and I doubt there's going to be a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables," she complained.

But after six months in the slammer, life in prison turned out to be totally different from what Miller expected.

While Miller confessed to People magazine that she feared being "physically abused" in prison, her actual experience doesn't sound too bad.

On her Instagram account, Miller has kept her fans updated about her life in Victorville. The reality star says she's been taking courses in personal finance and real estate to pass the time behind bars. But being cut off from the dancing community she loves is clearly taking a toll on Miller.

"Starting to get so so bored," Miller said while sharing a photo of herself from happier times. “I don’t function without dance.”

Federal Bureau of Prisons

Miller was allowed to choreograph a special Christmas performance featuring her fellow inmates last month, but with four months left on her sentence it's clear that the TV star is ready to return to the real world.

"Can’t wait to say goodbye to 2017!," she wrote in another post. "So many exciting things ahead in 2018. I want to thank everyone for all the support you have given especially my close friends... it’s true what they say, 'Hard times will reveal true friends.'"

TV Line

Miller has also teased her to-do list after leaving prison. She told Us Weekly she plans to produce a new scripted dance show that picks up "where Dance Moms leaves off."

Here's hoping Miller can tough it out for a few more months!

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