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They Were Branded By Pimps And Abusive Boyfriends, But Now These Women Are Being Given A Fresh Start

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There's a disturbing new trend that's becoming increasingly common among teenagers, and the implications of it are pretty horrifying. As more and more young girls are falling into substance abuse (thanks in no small part to the opioid crisis going on right now) and homelessness, many of them are turning to abusive relationships and prostitution in order to feed their habits or even just have somewhere to live.


That's not the new part of the trend though. The new part is that more and more of these girls are being dosed with alcohol and drugs by either their pimps or abusive boyfriends, and then taken to seedy tattoo artists who proceed to tattoo these girls with the initials or names of their abusers.

There's no consistency to where and how it's done either, as the tattoos are often placed on either the girls's arms, hands, necks, butts, or even their genitalia. Suffice it to say, it's pretty horrifying.

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While police continue to crack down on the exploitation of teenagers as much as they can, the girls who are able to escape these horrific fates are still stuck with the brand of their abusers, which can leave them feeling like cattle.

Fortunately, good samaritans are stepping up to help out the situation, including a man who is doing what he can to get rid of these brands, and free of charge at that.

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