Acting on a tip, they rescued 3 tiger cubs, but what they found in the crate left them raging

Three Siberian tiger cubs have been rescued from a hell that we wouldn't send our worst prisoners too.

An animal rights group in Lebanon intercepted a shipment from a Ukrainian  zoo to one in Syria. What they found left them fuming and heartbroken - and you'll feel the same way.

The tigers were crammed into a crate one cubic foot large. Unable to stand or move they were forced to urinate and defecate on each other. The cubs could have been in the crate for as long as one week.


The cubs were flown into Beirut to await transport into Damascus, but the group was tipped off about the shipment. They petitioned a judge to have the tigers released into their care. The judge agreed, citing concerns for the animals, and authorities intercepted.

Executive director of the group, Jason Mier was stunned by the awful state of the tigers and their environment.

"Once we finally got them out of the box, the box had dozens and dozens of maggots crawling around in it. There were maggots all over the back thighs of the animals and around their anus," he said.

The tigers were also dehydrated.

Tiger Cubs
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Officials from the zoo in Ukraine said that the transfer of the cubs was legal, and all rules and regulations were followed.

There are less than 4,000 Siberian tigers left in the world and many countries bar the sale and ownership of big cats.