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Activated Charcoal Could Make Your Birth Control Less Effective

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It doesn't seem like that long ago when we were celebrating the arrival of unicorn lattes and mermaid toast that literally had many of us reeling from a glitter-induced sugar high.

Now, the latest trend in food has taken us as far as far away from the color spectrum as possible. The introduction of activated charcoal has us turning our favorite treats black as night and potentially affecting much more than a supposed gut "detox."

One recent article published in Women's Health revealed that activated charcoal has to potential to render any medication - including birth control pills - ineffective.

Too Good to Be True

It seems like everything's getting the 'dark touch' on Instagram these days and there is no shortage of rave reviews to be read. But as more people climb on the charcoal bandwagon, we've got to ask: why?

Sure, they look cool and they make for amazing instagram photos, but just how good is all this activated charcoal for you - really?

Find out how activated charcoal actually works and why you might get pregnant if you consume too much on the following page!

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