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Add the Perfect Little Touch of Color and Summer to Your Home with These!

Easter has come and gone and now you're left with a dozen of those plastic Easter eggs ready to be tossed. But wait! Instead of them hitting the garbage, why not turn them into the perfect little decoration for your desk, side table, or even your kitchen window ledge.

These mini succulent planters are so simple to make,  and will leave you with beautiful pop of color wherever you choose to have them.


Materials Needed

  • basswood shapes
  • platsic Easter eggs
  • gold sharpie
  • hot glue
  • succulent plants
  • potting soil


Open your plastic egg and cut them in half. Set the top aside because you will only be using the bottom.


Use your hot glue gun to fill in the holes at the bottom of your egg, and allow to dry.


Take your gold sharpie and color the rim of your egg shell.


Glue the bottom of your egg shell to the center of the base you will be using (basswood).


Fill your egg with potting soil and transplant your succulent plant into your shell.

Don't forget to water it!


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