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This Adorable Spider Animation Has Caught The Internet In A Web Of Cuteness

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We all have fears. For some it is open water, others can't be in cramped rooms, and some people are afraid of a bug the size of their thumbnail. There is no shame in getting squeamish when you see a creepy-crawly meandering it's way across the floor of your room, but there is also no reason to be scared of our web-spinning neighbors!

The stigma against these eight-legged critters likely comes from their venomous cousins, sinister walking style, and vampiric tendencies. I mean, if you had to ensnare all your food before draining its blood, other people would be giving you weird looks too.

Thankfully, there are those who are sticking up for these misunderstood creatures. In a new video, we meet the adorable Lucas, the spider who is stealing our hearts with his bashful and naive personality.

Despite our unconscious fear of the arachnid world, at least everyone who watches the video can agree on one thing; this little guy needs a movie ASAP!

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