25 Advent Calendars That Will Make Christmas Even More Magical

Clever Creations / Fisher Price

You may not have put up your Christmas decorations, tree, or lights yet, but there's no denying the countdown to Christmas is in full swing.

In my family, marking the approach of Christmas Eve on our advent calendar was always an important tradition.

We say that kids enjoy opening the panels to reveal candy, presents, verses, or rhymes. But really, the entire family gets a kick out of it.

So this year, choose an advent calendar the entire family will love. And if you need a suggestion, check out our list:

1. Santa's Naughty Or Nice List - $6.95

This traditional calendar features everything you want, with chocolate and a verse from The Night Before Christmas under all 24 windows

Buy it here.

2. Alleluia Advent Calendar - $6.95

For a fun and playful way to teach children the Christmas story, try this calendar which features chocolate and Bible verses under every window.

Buy it here.

3. Crayola Christmas Countdown - $19.49

For those artistic little ones, this calendar chock full of art supplies and Crayola crayons will inspire countless Christmas crafts.

Buy it here.

4. Aytai Felt Christmas Tree - $17.99

Give your family's advent calendar a DIY spin this year, using this felt Christmas tree with matching ornaments. Add chocolate, presents, and other treats, or just let children decorate the tree each night.

Buy it here.

5. Hatchimal Colleggtibles - $24.99

Kids love Hatchimals, the quirky plush toys that "hatch" from eggs. So this calendar featuring smaller "Colleggtible" toys is sure to please.

Buy it here.

6. Peppa Pig Santa's Workshop - $39.99

For smaller children, this calendar featuring all sorts of Peppa Pig toys is a real treat. Plus, it's a clever way to practice their counting skills.

Buy it here.

7. LEGO Star Wars - $39.99

Sci-fi fans, young and old, will love putting together the LEGO minifigures and spaceships included in this calendar.

Buy it here.

8. Play-Doh - $29.99

You get five cans of Play-Doh, along with other creative surprises, in this fun festive gift set.

Buy it here.

9. Thomas & Friends - $34.99

Your little ones will love the six festive trains included in this advent calendar, and you'll love the smiles on their faces when they open it.

Buy it here.

10. Farm World - $34.99

The beautiful painted animal figurines in this calendar are a cut above plastic toys and chocolates, so kids will enjoy them for years to come.

Buy it here.

11. Barbie - $30.99

The first prize in this advent calendar is a new Barbie doll, and the other 23 days will reveal new accessories and outfits for her to wear. It's a real test of patience for the lucky girl who gets it!

Buy it here.

12. Stained Glass Nativity - $5.95

There are only Bible verses in the windows of this calendar, but of course you could supply your own treats if you want. The gorgeous stained glass design is a great way to teach children the Gospel of Luke.

Buy it here.

13. Lindt Bear - $34.88

You'll have to wait until Christmas Eve to enjoy the full-sized Lindt Bear in this chocolate calendar, but there are tasty treats to last all month long.

Buy it here.

14. Reese's Holiday Countdown - $18.95

Enjoy Reese's treats including Cups and Bites for an entire month. It's a great calendar to share with your family - or not.

Buy it here.

15. Christmas Book - $41.99

This beautifully carved wooden Christmas "book" opens to reveal an advent calendar and miniature Christmas tree. Hang up the ornaments with your little one each night, and stash something fun for them in the tiny drawers.

Buy it here.

16. LEGO City - $34.99

Here's another fun LEGO playset, but suitable for kids who don't love Star Wars.

The variety of LEGO creations included means this is a perfect calendar for a family with multiple young children.

Buy it here.

17. Hot Wheels - $24.76

There are eight Hot Wheels cars to collect, along with Christmas-themed accessories that will entertain kids (or certain grown-ups) all months long.

Buy it here.

18. Shepherd On A Search - $37.98

This Christmas activity set is perfect for faithful families who are tired of Elf on a Shelf. By following the shepherd through his book and advent calendar, children will discover the true meaning of Christmas.

Buy it here.

19. Fisher Price Little People - $69.95

This calendar may be a little pricey, but it's well worth it for the huge amount of Little People and Christmas accessories included.

Buy it here.

20. Minions - $29.99

Kids love these silly yellow creatures (don't ask me why) so an advent calendar featuring them - with plenty of fun accessories - is sure to be a hit.

Buy it here.

21. Olaf's Frozen Adventure - $28.95

Is your child still already counting down the days until Frozen 2 hits theaters? Tide them over until then with this Frozen-themed calendar featuring Olaf the snowman and other characters from the movie.

Buy it here.

22. Paw Patrol - $24.99

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, and Skye are all featured in this calendar, which also includes playsets, sleds, and other figures to encourage creative play inspired by the Paw Patrol show.

Buy it here.

23. Disney Tsum Tsum - $35.99

If you haven't heard of Tsum Tsum yet, you will soon. Kids can't get enough of these roly poly figures, and the Disney Tsum Tsums are some of the most popular. Luckily, there are plenty in this advent calendar.

Buy it here.

24. Santa's Elves - $5.95

Just need something plain and simple? This beautiful calendar features Santa's busy elves and verses from Twas the Night Before Christmas under each panel.

Supply your own chocolate, or just teach the kids to appreciate the simple things.

Buy it here.

25. Melissa & Doug's Wooden Tree - $19.99

Melissa & Doug specializes in sturdy wooden crafts, and their Christmas tree advent calendar is just the type. There are wooden ornaments to hang, a box at the base to store them, and a Christmas poem to read as a family each night.

Buy it here.

Does your family still open an advent calendar each Christmas?

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