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After 60 Years, Fate Brought These High School Sweethearts Back Together

Some love stories take longer than others to reach their happy ending, but some take really, really long.

Jim Bowman and Joyce Kevorkian first met in high school in the 1950s. Bowman says his girlfriend's friendly smile and warm personality brought them together, and the couple spent lots of time hiking, going on picnics and dancing together.

But after high school the couple went their separate ways. They both went to different colleges, married, and started families with different people. Decades later, when it seemed like their romance was finished, fate reunited them.

Both Bowman and Kevorkian outlived their spouses and spent a few years adjusting to life on their own.

Then, out of the blue, Bowman remembered his high school romance and looked Kevorkian up. He reached out to her - the old fashioned way, of course, with a love letter - and soon they were reunited.

It was clear right away that their feelings for each other were as strong as ever.

Bowman told People that Kevorkian is "even more beautiful now," while she admits he has a "a little less hair, but he's tall and handsome as ever."

Now, 64 years after they split up, the couple have finally tied the knot. Despite the time apart, they're as happy together as they ever were.

"We both like fun things and we both still have a good sense of humor and can laugh at each other," Bowman said. "We both still liked to dance, we both love music and reading and hiking still."

Kevorkian's granddaughter, who was the maid of honor at their ceremony, said it best:

"I think sometimes if it is meant to be then it will happen… even if it takes 64 years!”

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