After 69 Years Of Marriage, He Couldn't Let Her Die Without Him

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Isaac and Teresa Vatkin lived the type of life any of us would be lucky to have. They were happily married for 69 years, raised three children and numerous grandchildren. Then, earlier this year, they died together - side by side, hand in hand.


The couple was born in Argentina and married in 1947. After 20 years of marriage they moved to America in search of a better opportunity. They found it in Skokie, Illinois where they laid down roots and began their family.

The couple adored each other, and had 3 children, Leo, Daniel and Clara. The children can't name a single time they even saw their parents angry with each other.


"My mom was his queen," said the eldest Daniel. "They stuck together through thick and thin and they taught us what it means to be a loving spouse, and how to love and forgive and move on."

The couple was as happy and successful as any American middle class family, knowing hardships and successes, but through it all their love never waned. They tackled every problem together, showing the same kind of devotion and dedication that marked every year of their marriage.

Even when Teresa was diagnosed with Alzheimer's 10 years ago.

Daily Mail

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