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After 9 Miscarriages, This Woman's Sister Offered To Be Her Surrogate

Melissa Kayser was living every woman's worst nightmare. After years of expensive fertility treatments and IVF, the 33-year-old had experienced 9 miscarriages, and said she felt "like a failure." With no other option, her doctors recommended she hire a surrogate, but the idea of letting another woman carry her baby hurt Melissa even more.

That's when Melissa's older sister Lisa stepped in and changed everything. Lisa volunteered to be Melissa's surrogate, and the experience changed them both forever.

Doctors only had two "poor quality" embryos from Melissa, but to everyone's surprise they worked perfectly, and soon Lisa was pregnant with twins.

It was an unexpected change for Lisa, who says she doesn't want any kids herself.

"I never saw myself being a mom," she said. "I enjoyed being pregnant, but the experience has not changed in my mind. I am just fine being an aunt."

Thankfully Lisa had a very uneventful pregnancy and gave birth to a pair of happy and healthy twin girls, Ashlynn and Tierney. The local news celebrated their birth with headlines like "Woman Gives Birth To Twin Nieces."

"Every day I am in awe. You hear women say you don't really know love until you have children. They really do complete me," Melissa told Inside Edition, "There's never any words that I can say to thank her for what she did."

It hasn't been a perfectly smooth ride for the sisters. Nebraska has a very outdated surrogate law, so the twins won't legally be Meagan's daughters for a few more months, but that's a minor setback.

Now Melissa is looking forward to raising her family and teaching her daughters about their incredible aunt.

“We want our girls to know that their aunt did such an amazing thing for us."

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