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After Being Banned For Decades, Kinder Eggs Are Coming Back To America

Every year, Kinder sells 3.5 billion of their famous chocolate eggs around the world, but there's a chance you've never even heard of these tasty treats before. That's because Kinder Eggs, which are popular throughout Europe and Canada, have been banned from being sold in the US since 1938.

The eggs are hollow and made of chocolate, with a small toy hidden in a plastic capsule inside. The risk of choking on a "non-nutritive object" lead the FDA to ban the snack, but next year the treats will finally find their way back to the US.

There's a thriving market for smuggled Kinder Eggs and knockoff products, but yesterday Kinder's parent company Ferrero announced the real thing is finally coming to the states.

Unfortunately, the classic Kinder Egg is still banned. But a version of the product, called the Kinder Joy, will be available in American stores starting in 2018.

The Kinder Joy comes in a plastic egg, which has a toy in one half and a chocolate treat in the other.

The Joy is filled with chocolate, milk creme and crispy wafer, and comes with a plastic spoon so you can enjoy every single bite of the snack.

Ferrero's North American CEO called the announcement "a dream" for the company after being locked out of America's chocolate market, but chocolate lovers have their own reasons to celebrate.

To be fair, there have been some cases of children choking on the snack's signature toy, but the black-market versions have their own risks.

If you haven't had a Kinder Surprise before, trust me. After trying just one of these treats you'll be filling your cart with them.

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