After Being Diagnosed with Strep Throat A 10-Year-Old Dies Days Later

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After Being Diagnosed with Strep Throat A 10-Year-Old Dies Days Later

After complaining of stomach pain, accompanied by fever, 10-year-old Nya King of Memphis was taken to hospital by her mother on March 11. Doctors diagnosed her with strep throat and gave her an antibiotic shot.

They told Nya's mother N'Khemya, to monitor her over the next 24-48 hours and the family headed home.

Less than 24 hours after leaving hospital Nya was rushed back by paramedics. Within minutes of arriving at hospital she was intubated and the family was told she had a elevated white blood cell count.

"When I heard the word Leukemia I was like, we don't have cancer. What are you talking about?" Trayce Tate-Campbell, Nya's grandmother, told WMC. "I'm like, wait a minute. You said the baby had strep throat. What's going on?"

"The doctor's explained that she had swelling in the brain and required life-saving brain surgery. We agreed, fully expecting N'Kheyma to be okay afterwards," the family shared on her GoFundMe page.

She survived the surgery and was given a 60% chance of survival. After showing mild improvement when she started chemotherapy the same day as her brain surgery, Nya wouldn't wake up.

"After only a brief 3-day cancer struggle, N'Kheyma succumbed to Leukemia and this world is left without its brightest and most adorable angel," the family wrote.

WMC Action News 5 - Memphis, Tennessee