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After Being 'Extinct' for 50 Years, Researchers Discovered This

After disappearing for more than half a century, it now appears that these creatures are thriving in the New Guinea highlands nearly 3700-4600 meters above sea level.

These remote locations are now home to the rarest, most ancient candid in the world today.

"It is our best example of a proto-canid and is truly a living fossil," according to the New Guinea Highlands Wild Dog Foundation.

Daily Mail

After spotting canine paw-prints in the mud during an expectation last fall, researchers set up trail cameras and bait throughout the region to confirm their suspicions.

Days later, they were able to capture definitive proof of what appears to be a healthy population of the New Guinea Highland Wild Dog.

Daily Mail

Research has now documented the presence of at least 15 individuals including a pregnant female and pups.

These animals are similar to the New Guinea Singing Dog and the Australian Dingo, and researchers say the discovery is an "incredible opportunity for science".


"It is the apex predator of New Guinea and the most important canid in existence," writes New Guinea Highlands Wild Dog Foundation. "The HWD is the missing link species between the first early canids and the modern domestic dogs."

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