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After His House Burnt Down, Teen Spends His Last $40 Helping The Fire Department

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Maybe we're too hard on kids these days. They often get a reputation for being lazy, ungrateful and careless, but a young man from Creola, Alabama is breaking all these stereotypes with his selfless act of kindness.

Kenneth, his sister Keirstan and their mother CasieCindy Phillips

His name is Kenneth Bennett, and after everything his family has been through over the past few years it's a wonder he's still so kind and helpful. Four years ago Kenneth's 27-month-old brother passed away, and more recently his mother Casie divorced his father.

After the split Kenneth, his mother and his 10-year-old sister Keirstan could still be happy they were living in their family home, but 2 weeks ago even that was taken away from them. Casie fell asleep with a wax warmer on, and woke up to find her bedroom in flames.

By the time Kenneth came back from his friend's house at 1 a.m., Creola's volunteer fire department had extinguished the fire, but the house was ruined. "Both of the kids were born in that house," Casie said, "and the baby was born and died in that house,"

Kenneth noticed the firefighter's cooler was empty, so when he went to the gas station to pick up some things for his mother, he also bought some water bottles for the firefighters.

Kenneth spent his last $40 on the purchase, but his community paid back his generosity in a big way.

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