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After Losing Her Puppies in a Fire, This Dog Becomes a Surrogate to an Orphaned Litter

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On February 20, Jessica Woodruff suffered a huge loss when her barn caught fire in Roseberg, Oregon. They lost 4 goats, 1 pig and a litter of 3-week-old puppies when the barn engulfed in flames.

She rushed down to the barn , but it was too late. She held Daisy, a Great Pyrenees and Border Collie mix, as she tried to run back into the burning flames to save her babies.

"We had a nice bed made for Daisy to have her pups inside but she found her own spot down at the barn. We noticed the fire and it was too late," Jessica stated.

After the fire, Daisy mourned the loss of all 7 of her newborn puppies.

"Daisy wandered the 80+ acres lost, sad and confused," Jessica said. "As a mother, I couldn't fathom her loss. My first thought was to get her a foster pup or pups. The search was on."

Jessica and her sister took to a local Facebook page to search for temporary foster puppies.

See how she is doing now on the next page.

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