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After Not Being Able to Conceive, This Couple Went Home With 2 Sets of Twins

After marrying in 2005, Annie and her husband Joby Johnston talked about starting a family. 3 years later, they decided to start trying.

"When we were ready, we thought it would just happen,” Annie said.

For 5 years they left doctors baffled. No matter how many procedures, surgeries and treatments the couple undertook they were not able to get pregnant.

“You just feel helpless,” Annie said.


That's when Annie's big sister Chrissy Knott decided to step in. With 2 sons of her own and living just a few doors away, she wanted to help her little sister achieve motherhood.

“We’ve always been so close, and I knew how badly she wanted to help,” Annie said.


So when the time came, the sisters from Ohio made their way to the doctor

Annie's doctor implanted 2 embryos in Annie's womb and 2 in Chrissy's. There was only a 14% chance they might end up with at least 1 set of twins.


“We were ready for a new problem. If the worst problem he can give us was now there would be four babies, we were ready,” Joby said.

That's when they got the call from the doctors. Preparing for the worst, the sisters didn't expect what they were about to be told.

Annie was pregnant with twin girls and Chrissy was pregnant with twin boys. This couple was now going to have 4 babies in a few short months.


On October 24, 2013 both sisters gave birth to the collective 4 babies via C-section. Chrissy delivered first so Annie could be there for the birth of her boys.


"My sister was carrying the two boys, and she delivered first, so I could be there in the room for her when she had them," Johnston said. "Two hours later, at 9:30 a.m., I delivered the girls."


Now sharing a birthday, Charlie, Tommy, Grace and Haddie were all born healthy and with the help of family, they're getting on just fine.

"Trying to get at least one baby, we are just so excited to take all four of them home and they’re all healthy," said Annie.


The babies are technically quadruplets, according to Johnston, as they were conceived on the same day, born on the same day but just being carried in two separate wombs

Annie and Chrissy's parents sold their home from more than 2 hours away to come and help with the babies. Both sisters are pumping breast milk and bottle feeding the babies to allow for more hands to help.  

"We're very thankful for what she did for us," Johnston said of her sister. "We're very grateful and thankful that they're all here."

Would you every become a surrogate for a loved one? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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