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After Others Reject Him, Leave Him For Dead, Baby Titus Gets A Second Chance At Happiness

When Titus was just three months old, he was captured in a feral trap and brought to an animal shelter in South Carolina.

He was seriously underweight at just 14 ounces. He had a grossly protruding eye, an awful upper respiratory infection and was seriously malnourished.

The staff determined that he was too far gone to be rescued and scheduled him for euthanasia to end his suffering.

When Holly Wise from Union, South Carolina held tiny Titus, she knew there was some fight in him left. As soon as she scooped him up, the little boy began to purr.

With Wise's loving care, Titus began to gain weight and recover from his upper respiratory infection. Soon, he was ready to have his eye surgically removed.

In an interview with Cats Meow Lovers, Kaitlyn Roy explains that it was Paws Up Rescue and Resources (PURR) that arranged for Titus to become her new foster baby.

He's doing much better now and has grown into quite the handsome gentleman...

“He now eats all that his little heart desire and is a healthy weight! If you spend time with him when he is in a quiet area, he climbs and rubs all over you.”

“He meows at and circles my feet when I get up to go to another room because he doesn’t want me to leave! He has an infectious purr hat starts up immediately after he gets in our laps,” said Roy.

Titus also has a foster sister named Maggie. They have a very special understanding - Maggie has one eye too!

These two buddies are now healthy, happy and ready for their forever homes! They love to cuddle, wrestle and play every day.

To find out about more kitties ready for adoption, visit PURR on Facebook.

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