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Tiny Kitten's Dangerous Infection Has Turned Him In A Pirate, And He Loves It

Kittens are the most precious little souls. Full of wonder, they love to explore and meet new people. Unfortunately, many kittens are left to fend for themselves after being born in the wild or abandoned by their mom.

That's why Savannah Anas and her friend acted fast when they heard about a tiny litter of kittens who were born in the middle of nowhere. They drove two and a half hours to find them, and discovered one of the kittens had a life-threatening eye infection. The kitten, later named Scar, was brought to the vet where the news wasn't great.

“Scar was so tiny at only 2 weeks old and 8.5 ounces, that the doctor would not be able to hook him up to monitors, fit a breathing tube down his throat, or know how the anesthesia was affecting him during the procedure,” Anas, a marine biologist and animal advocate, said. “This made it an extremely high-risk surgery.”

There was an extremely high chance that Scar wouldn't make it through the surgery, but Anas knew they had to try. The surgery worked, and the vet was able to remove his eye and any remaining infection. Anas knew she had to keep Scar for herself, so she took the miracle kitten home.

Now, Scar is a happy and healthy little kitten, but sometimes his lack of eye would make others skeptical. That's when Anas had a brilliant idea.

Anas was taking Scar with her to run errands and go to class. With that, there was always risk for his stitches getting infected. Plus, a kitten with one eye can be uncomfortable for some people. That's when Anas got her idea...a tiny eyepatch.

“Scar loves his eye patch and it does not bother him at all,” Anas said. “He never tries to take it off. I found it makes him more approachable rather than people being afraid of why he doesn't have an eye.”

Scar may not need to wear his eyepatch anymore for infection, but Anas says she still puts it one so other people aren't afraid of him. And also, Scar loves it! The six-week-old kitten will even go looking for his accessory if he hasn't worn it for a few days.

Wishing I was on this adventure with my mama @thesavannahanas right now

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How could anyone be scared of this face?

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