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After Surviving London And Paris, Tourist Gets Caught Up In Her 3rd Terrorist Attack In 3 Months

The world was shocked by news of a terrorist attack in Spain that killed 13 people and injured dozens, but one incredible silver lining to the tragic events has surfaced.

Julia Monaco.SBS

Julia Monaco was among the shoppers in Barcelona's Las Ramblas tourist district who were caught up in a terrorist attack involving a van. The 26-year-old from Australia is alright, but says she's obviously had "better days."

In an interview with Australia's 3AW radio news, she described being in a locked down store while "absolute pandemonium" was going on outside.

"We didn’t see the van, we could just see the crowds and the police and some people who had clearly seen something terrible happen.We were looking at about 200 people crowded out in the square. Suddenly everyone outside just started screaming and everyone turned at the same time."

Emergency workers help an injured woman Thursday.ABC

As terrifying as her experience must have been, this isn't the first time Monaco found herself in the middle of a terrorist attack. In fact, the Barcelona attack was the 3rd incident in 3 months that Monaco managed to survive.

That would be enough to scare anyone, but none of the attacks made Monaco change her holiday plans.

While many people in her situation would be running home by now, Monaco is determined to keep touring the world just as she planned.

A scene from the London Bridge attack in

In June, she found herself locked down in London's underground train system during the London Bridge attack, where terrorists used a car and knives to injure and kill innocent bystanders.

Just days later, Monaco was touring the Notre Dame cathedral when a policeman was attacked with a hammer at the popular tourist destination. After surviving 2 terrorist attacks, Monaco still pressed on with her plans to tour Europe.

Police stand guard outside the cathedral after the attack in June.SBS

Which lead her to Barcelona, where she was caught in her 3rd (and hopefully final) attack. Monaco says she's determined to keep traveling without fear, not just to enjoy her vacation but to prove a point.

"I don't feel like I want to go home," she said, "I want to stay here and not let them – whoever they may be – win. I'm going to see what I came here to see."

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