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Airline Is Forcing Their Crew To Lose "Excess Weight" To Fit The "Desired Standard"

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Weight is a sensitive topic for most people. No one likes to be told they are overweight by their friends, family members, or even their doctor. It's never a great feeling, even when you think it yourself true or they are only telling you for your own good.

Well, one company has taken it to the next level, because they have ordered their crew members to slim down. An airline issued a memo on January 1st, 2019 to its 1,800 crew members states that all of the employees must fall into a set weight limit within six months, or they will be "grounded and referred to Air Crew Medical Center for medical evaluation and treatment until weight is reduced up to desired standard/BMI."

This memo will reportedly affect approximately 5% of the workforce (according to the spokesman) who currently fall into the "overweight" category set out by the guidelines.

Pakistan International Airlines created a weight chart that gives an acceptable range of weight for height and build. For example, a woman with a "medium frame" who is 5'7 must weigh between 133-147 pounds.

CNN reports that the memo says the employees' weight will be checked by management. "Weight check of all the cabin crew will be carried out at their base stations respectively and comprehensive data will be maintained for perusal of management."

Mashhood Tajwar, spokesman for PIA, said that this is a "regular, routine matter" to ensure that their flight attendants were "slim, smart, and fit." The memo actually shows that this rule was initially put into place in 2016, but there was some leniency. There was 30 lbs of "excess weight" that would be allowed, but the company has decided to reduce that limit to zero over the next six months.

Tajwar continued by claiming the airline had received complaints over "obese" flight attendants. "No one would like to have shabby crew in the aircraft," he said, without explaining how many complaints had been received.

The employees have until July to reach their assigned goal weights, but the real question is how is this the company's choice? While they claim that it is not just for the look, but also for the health of their employees, it seems very inappropriate for a company to force employees to lose weight.

What do you think about this new rule? How would you react if your company told you that in order to keep doing your job you would need to lose weight?

Source - CNN

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