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Airline Mix-up Leaves Passenger Living The Dream We All Think About While Flying

Boarding a plane to visit family or travel somewhere new can be an ordeal. From lost luggage to being bumped from your seat, any number of things can happen before you have even left the ground.

After you find your seat, you're often squeezed next to other passengers, crying babies and carry-on luggage. Definitely not anyone's idea of luxury travel.

It's hard not to dream of being alone on your flight, as you stare out the window while the passenger next to you crunches on some sort of snack that is too obnoxious and loud to eat in a public space.

Well that dream came true for one young woman travelling from New York City to Washington D.C.

After her initial trip was canceled, she had to be accommodated by the airline, but there was a mix-up.

An airline employee was tasked with re-accommodating all of the passengers on the original flight. Half of the group was rebooked into new seats, including Reddit user shadybaby22. She left the airport with her new ticket and waited for her new departure time at home.

After she left with her new ticket, another agent found an earlier flight for the diplaced passengers and rebooked the group for a second time.

“They made an announcement on the speaker, but I’d already left…I was never contacted about the flight change,” she explains.

She returned to the airport for her scheduled departure time and quickly realized something wasn't right.

“I was the only one in the waiting area 45 minutes before take off,” she says. “One of the airport agents came over while I was waiting and asked if that was the flight I was waiting for then said ‘I knew this would happen.'”

Rather than rebook the lone passenger again, the airline kept its word and transported her the 200 miles to her destination. The plane and its crew were heading that way anyway to be "re-positioned" for another flight.

“Both captains and the flight attendant said they’ve never seen this happen before.”

Source: People