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Airlines Are Launching Child-Free Zones On Planes And Parents Are Freaking Out

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There's nothing a parent dreads more than having their kids throw a tantrum on a plane. There's literally nowhere to go to calm your kid down, and you're forced to unleash your angry-mom-side in front of everyone. If you're not the parent, this makes you wish you never booked the vacation you've been looking forward to in the first place.  

Several airlines have been experimenting to find a solution to all this, and it's sparked a huge online debate.

Most airlines don't have a specific policy on bringing young children, but some, like Malaysia Air, have banned infants from first class.

Eithad Airways offer a "Flying Nanny" service on its longer flights, where childcare professionals assist parents and entertain children during the flight.

Many people argue that banning children altogether is completely discriminatory, and nanny services are too expensive. So is a win-win situation possible?

Indian airline IndiGo has created a "quiet zone" in its cabins where children under the age of 12 are not allowed to be seated, and now other international airlines want to follow suit.

On one side, you have parents arguing that children are part of society and have the right to the seat parents pay for, while those who travel without kids argue that child-free zones will make for a better travel experience...

People took to Twitter voicing their support for child-free zones:

Other people were furious about the idea:

What's your opinion on the matter? Are you for child-free zones on planes, or is that concept just ridiculous?

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