Alec Baldwin Sentenced In Harassment Trial


Alec Baldwin Sentenced In Harassment Trial

Gage Skidmore - Flickr

One of Hollywood's most notorious bad boys was slapped with a fine and some homework in his harassment trial.

SNL star Alec Baldwin, 60, pleaded guilty to harassment in the second degree in a New York court Wednesday. Baldwin had originally been charged with misdemeanor attempted assault as well.

The actor allegedly punched another man last November, during a dispute over a parking spot outside Baldwin's apartment in Manhattan. Baldwin has since denied that he got physical during the altercation.

Alec Baldwin
Baldwin is required to attend an anger management course.Joella Marano - Wikimedia

He was ordered to pay a $120 surcharge, and to take a one day anger management class. Baldwin will need to complete that course by March 22, when he's due back in court.

The course is part of a plea deal agreement which will see the attempted assault charge dropped, but only if Baldwin completes the training on time.

The actor will not spend any time behind bars or be on probation.

It's not the first time Baldwin's hot temper has landed him in trouble.

Alec Baldwin
Baldwin was arrested for disorderly conduct in 2014, but the charges were later dropped.Gage Skidmore - Flickr

He was thrown off an American Airlines flight in 2011, after refusing to turn off his cell phone during takeoff.

The next year, The New York Daily News accused Baldwin of attacking one of their photographers while getting a marriage license.

Baldwin was even taken into custody for disorderly conduct in 2014, after riding his bike the wrong way through traffic. The charge was later dismissed.


Hopefully, this is the last time we'll see Baldwin in court!

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