Alex Trebek Facing Lawsuit For 'Physical, Mental, And Emotional Pain'

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Popular game show host Alex Trebek is facing a big lawsuit after being held responsible for a woman's "physical, mental, and emotional pain."

Hanna Ketai has filed papers against the Jeopardy host in California, claiming Trebek's dog attacked her.

Ketai's lawsuit states that she was walking her yellow lab on the street, when "suddenly and without warning, a large black dog ran through an open gate and charged directly at Ketai and tried to attack her."

This happened right outside of Trebek's home in California. The lawsuit continues explaining what happened. "Ketai screamed and immediately turned to her right in an effort to avoid the attacker, causing her to fall down on her hands and knees in the middle of the street onto oncoming traffic. When Ketai looked up, she saw a large SUV headed in her direction."

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Luckily for Ketai, witnesses in the area rushed forward and were able to pull her out of the way of vehicles in time, but she was still hurt.

"[Ketai] was injured about the body and its members in health, strength, and activity, a portion of said injuries being permanent."

The physical strain is only part of her concern. She's also suing because of "mental and emotional pain, suffering, worry, and anxiety."

However people who have been commenting on the case have a different opinion.

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One said "I'll take frivolous cash grab for 500 please," while another pointed out something that is a really important fact: the dog never actually touched her. "Did the dog leave its property? Or just charge her? Unless it actually left the property, I don't know how she'll have a case."

Obviously many people are nervous around dogs, especially one that is running towards you that you aren't familiar with, but as several of the comments point out, it's not that dogs fault that she chose to run.

"No, the dog didn't chase her into traffic. SHE made the decision to be stupid and run into it all by herself. Case closed." the comment said.

"Oh come on! No dog bites, no wound, maybe some scrapes? You're scared and you need to sue? Get over yourself. Alex needs to watch his dog better, but you are trying to scam him," another comment said.


Whether or not it's a fake lawsuit, it makes sense that people are thinking that. Trebek is worth quite a bit of money. He reportedly earns $10 million per year for his work on Jeopardy, and seeing as how he's hosted the show for 33 years, and has no signs of slowing down.

Hopefully, Trebek can figure this lawsuit out without too much of an issue, and in the future can keep his fence closed so his dog can't get him into these issues anymore.

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