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"Alien" Cat Found Scared And Alone, But Some Love And Attention Saved His Life

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Too often, animals in need are passed by on the street with no one bothering to help. The animals end up lying in pain with no end in sight. The same thing almost happened to little Giovanni, who was found on the streets of Switzerland.

One family walking by saw the kitten in need and decided they couldn't just leave him there.

"We found him on the street, nearly dead," one of the family members said.

Giovanni, or Gio, had a severe eye infection and trouble breathing. Luckily one of the family's friends is a vet who was able to get Gio the help he needed. He was suffereing from starvation, and his eye infection was getting worse. After some much-needed treatment, Gio was finally comfortable enough to sleep.

"He was sleeping a lot. His eyes were getting better," his rescuer said.

They set up a tiny bed with blankets and food so Gio would feel at home, and eventually the little guy started to come around.

Little Gio started to become more and more playful as he healed, just like a normal kitten!

Now, three months after his rescue, Gio looks completely different.

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