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All You Need Are Flower Pots to Make this Beautiful Backyard Decor

This idea is genius! Instead of buying an expensive birdbath you can make your own for much cheaper. This Terra Cotta Pot Bird Bath is super simple to make, looks great as a decoration in your garden, and will give you hours of entertainment while you watch the birds preening and cleaning.


  • 3 small flower pots
  • 1 large flower pot
  • 1 large saucer
  • 1 small saucer
  • paint
  • glue


  1. Paint your flower pots and saucers in the colors of your choice and let dry.
  2. Stack your pots and saucers and use glue to keep them secure. We did the largest pot at the bottom with the three small pots stacked above. The large saucer was secured on the top and the small saucer was glued to one side of the larger one.
  3. Once the glue is dry place outside and fill the two saucers with clean water. You and your bird friends will love this new addition to your yard!

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