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All You Need is an Old T-Shirt to Make this Awesome Plant Hanger

This is the perfect DIY to make for your springtime blooms! If you're a plant lover - like me - then you'll love this craft. These plant hangers are cheap, easy to make and they'll liven up any room.

You don't need to be particularly crafty to do this project - if you can tie a knot then you're good to go! Grab an old t-shirt, scissors and a potted plant and you're set!


  1. Old T-Shirt
  2. Scissors
  3. Potted Plant


Cut 8 strips out of your old t-shirt. The strips should be about 1 inch thick.

Cut along the seam of one side of each strip and unfold so that you now have 8 long strips of fabric.

Line up the edges of your strips and tie them into one big knot.

Gathering two strips at a time, tie them into a knot about 2 inches above your base knot. Repeat until you have four knots.

Now, splitting apart the strips you just knotted together, tie four new knots, connecting one strip from one knot to another strip from another knot.

Repeat the alternating knots for a 3rd time.

Once all the knots are tied, add your flower pot into the center. Hang in your living room, bedroom or on your deck...and enjoy!

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