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Alligator And Python Fight To The Death On A Florida Golf Course

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When you're out for a quiet round of golf with your friends or family, you expect to see some wildlife wandering around on the course. Sometimes that wildlife can be considered dangerous: in places like Florida, Texas and Louisiana, it is not uncommon at all to come across a gator basking on the fairway, or quietly floating in one of the water hazards.

Most golfers steer well clear of these animals, but occasionally one is brave enough to go up and try to get the creature to move along.

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When you are expecting to see these animals, they aren't that intimidating from a distance. But what a golfer does not expect to see when making their leisurely stroll down the fairway, is the next installment of a monster vs. monster movie taking place right in front of them, and that is what golfers in Naples, Florida found themselves witnessing.

A Burmese python picked a fight with an American alligator, and people were there to see the epic, yet quick battle.  

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American alligators are just that, native to the United States, while Burmese pythons are considered an invasive species that is doing irreparable harm to the local eco-system and food chain. These two species of animals rely on the same set of natural resources, so it is not uncommon for the two types of predators to fight over things like food and territory.

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During this latest battle on the Florida golf course, the alligator made quick work of the python before swimming off to enjoy his well earned meal. It doesn't happen often, but occasionally the python can get the upper hand: either killing the alligator, or at least intimidating it enough to force it swim away and seek an easier target. Check out this video of the two reptiles battling it out in the Florida waterways.

Who are you putting you money on in this animal kingdom championship fight? Let us know in the comments.