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Nutritionist Says You Should Always Order Two Burgers At McDonald's

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If you have a craving for a Big Mac, you may want to double that order according to a dietitian.

While McDonald's may be a rare 'treat' for some, you can balance your diet a bit better when going through the drive-thru of the Golden Arches.

Most of us can agree that McDonald's food doesn't taste as good as it used to when we were kids- especially their fries.

McDonald's reportedly stopped using beef tallow to cook their fries in the 1990s. The switch from beef fat to vegetable oil changed the way the fries tasted, and they haven't been the same since.

The switch was made after fears over cholesterol fats rose from health practitioners.

While the average order at McDonald's consists of a Big Mac, chocolate shake and large fries, a nutritionist advised that you're better off to double down on the burgers.

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