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Amazon And Cesar Millan Are Making Audiobooks For Your Dog

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If you're a loving dog parent who spends many hours away from your pet during the work week, these new audiobooks could keep your canine company in your absence.

While many people opt to leave the radio or television on for their furbabies, renowned Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan suggests that listening to an audiobook could actually be better for them.

Cesar Millan has teamed up with Amazon's subsidiary, Audible, to launch an audiobook service of selected stories directed at your four-legged friend.

According to Millan's Dog Psychology Center, audiobooks are more effective at calming down stressed-out dogs than music.

The concept is pretty simple: pet owners turn on an audiobook before they leave for work in the morning. The sound of a calming, human voice reading a story is supposed to help soothe your pup to and make them feel less alone.

Watch Cesar's video and find out how you can get this for your pup on the next page!

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