America Just Agreed To Build The World's Biggest Mall And It Looks Incredible

Business Insider

If you think the shopping malls in your city are big, you've seen nothing yet.

Florida has approved the making of the biggest mall in the country - and the name is quite fitting.

American Dream Miami is a place tourists will flock to. It's not just about shopping, it's about creating an experience.

If you don't believe, scroll through the pictures!

This mall will be developed by a Canadian company known as Triple Five.

They were the ones who brought the Mall of America in 1992, and are currently building an American Dream mall in New Jersey. This one is set to open next year.

The 6.2-million-square-foot retail and entertainment complex will be the most expensive mall ever built, costing the company $4 billion.

And it will be twice the size of the King of Prussia Mall in Pennsylvania, which currently holds the title of the biggest mall in the U.S.

This is not just a mall

This new mall is 55% entertainment and 45% retail.

"The emergence of entertainment as part of the shopping mall is becoming very important. It keeps people in the center longer. And even if they weren't going to shop for something, they get lured in," David Smiley, the assistant director of Columbia University's Urban Design graduate program, told Business Insider.

The site includes 2,000 hotel rooms, an indoor ski slope, ice-climbing wall, and water park that has its own lake where you can take submarine trips.

Oh we're not done yet.

American Dream Miami will also have a 14-screen 3D movie theater, a performing arts center, restaurants, theme park rides, and of course, more than a thousand retails shops.

I'm sure renting out space at a mall like this will cost a lot of money, so rest assured that there's going to be really good brands here.

What the inside will look like

This is definitely something that would get me excited, but not everyone is happy.

One Miami resident is calling this project "an environmental abomination."

Other residents believe this will impact the traffic in the city and negatively affect mom-and-pop shops.

As for when you can visit American Dream Miami, the project doesn't have a set timeline, but you can expect to see it being built in the coming years.

What's your take on this? Do we need another big mall?

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