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Can You Guess America's Happiest State? Prepare To Be Surprised

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Congerdesign - Pixabay / Reuters

If you feel like you had a crummy year in 2017, you're not alone.

Across the country, Americans were feeling more stress, less fulfillment, and were worrying about their future, according to a new poll.


Every year since 2008, research company Gallup and wellness website Sharecare have taken the country's pulse and asked Americans how they're feeling.

The latest poll of more than 160,000 Americans saw a historic drop in the country's mood, with 21 states doing noticeably worse while none improved.


For comparison, just 15 states were feeling worse in 2009, after the housing market crashed.

The study tracks five markers of health and happiness:  Purpose, Social, Financial, Community, and Physical Health.

A Healthier America

Nationwide, America's emotional health, mental health, and psychological well-being took a hit last year, and a worrying number of people reported feeling less interested in the things they do.

Thankfully, the news wasn't all bad. In fact the top spots on the poll's list of happiest states reveal something surprising: you don't need to live in Hawaii or California to enjoy life (but it helps).

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