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Amish Girl Is Unrecognizable After Her Surprise Makeover


In the Bad Hair Day video series, Glamour magazine's stylists give an unsuspecting woman a new hairstyle to shake up their life.

Sarah is Amish, so she normally doesn't style her hair at all.Glamour / YouTube

But the host Theodore Leaf had a real challenge on his hands when he was sent to give an Amish woman a makeover. While the rest of us only have to worry about wearing white after Labor Day, the Amish have a long list of strict hair and clothing rules they're required to follow.

Amish women usually don't cut or style their

Amish women only wear solid-colored dresses, and they must have long sleeves and a full skirt. They usually don't cut their hair, and wind it into a bun underneath their bonnet. White bonnets usually mean a woman is single, while married women wear black bonnets.

Sarah says she's adventurous, despite living a "boring" life.Glamour / YouTube

Despite all of these boring rules, 21-year-old Sarah was allowed to cut loose because she's on Rumspringa. During the Rumspringa break, the Amish are allowed to ignore some rules, then when it's over they decide to stay in the church or to leave it.

A makeover seemed like the perfect, fun little experiment for Sarah to try, and judging by her reaction to her new look she really enjoyed it...

Sarah's stylist had to think outside the box to come up with styling tips that don't depend on electricity (which the Amish famously don't use).

Sarah says she doesn't even own a blow dryer.Glamour / YouTube

As Sarah described, before the makeover "I pretty much just had a boring life. Just small town"”Amish on top of that. You always just wear the cap, and your hair is just flipped up in a barrette. It's an act of modesty."

But she admitted she had an "adventurous" spirit, and Leaf tried to capture that by giving Sarah blonde highlights. When Sarah finally saw herself in the mirror she was shocked, and her friend Laura couldn't believe her eyes either.

Sarah was totally at a loss for words, but we guess that jumping up and down means she was pretty happy about her new look.

Who knows whether Sarah will decide to stick with her Amish roots or not, but at least she had a fun makeover while she still could.

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